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At Monolith, our clients share a philosophy of asset preservation over growth. Their path to wealth has not been an easy one, and their preferred method of wealth management is one that is conservative and expertly guided.


Utilizing that approach, we begin every relationship by learning about your goals and expectations. Working with an established network of highly rated asset managers and financial institutions, we guide you through an integrated wealth management process that includes risk analysis, money management, and allocation. After selecting a strategy that best fits your needs, Monolith’s advisors provide ongoing assessment to ensure that your plan reflects your needs and goals as they transform over time.

Monolith Advisors

Monolith Advisors is a broad based wealth management firm offering a full spectrum of services. Unlike many larger, big-brand wealth management firms that simply place clients into a predetermined strategy template, Monolith's advisors truly get to know you and develop a personalized, collaborative strategy — one that you can follow even as the market changes and your life unfolds.

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John Bair - Monolith Advisors

John Bair is the founder of Monolith Advisors. A veteran of the settlement planning industry, John has guided thousands of plaintiffs through the settlement process. Motivated by his desire to assist others in protecting their financial well-being, John tapped into his network of experienced wealth management advisors from across the United States to form Monolith.


John is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is actively involved with civil justice organizations nationwide and serves as a speaker for End Distracted Driving ( He is also the co-founder of Milestone Consulting, LLC, a broad based settlement planning and management firm.

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The Monolith Process


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